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EchoHam 2.13 Connection Issues

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Phil, I noticed about 4 hours and 40 minutes after your last post our system shows you as working for both incoming and outgoing calls:
Note the times are in UTC

Can you please let us know what you did to get it working?


I used my friends laptop, as a test on my router, which is running 10.13 High Sierra. So maybe its an issue with E capitan?


Thanks Phil,
it may be El Capitan or something else which is installed on your computer.

It would be great to hear from other users if they have the same issue with El Capitan.


using sudo lsof -i :1900 in the terminal told me that EyeConnect a UPnP streaming plugin for EyeTV 3 (an app for watching TV with a USB tv stick was hogging port 1900 After disabling that it seems that I can connect now.

thanks very much

Hi Phil,
many thanks for sharing your solution.

I have removed "El Capitan" from the subject name as the problem wasn't really related to El Capitan but EyeConnect and hence your solution would be applicable to other macOS versions.


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