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EchoHam on macOS 10.15 (Catalina)


With the release of macOS 10.15 Apple have made a lot of major changes some of which may affect EchoHam.
I have received one report of connection issues under Catalina, however, I'm unable to confirm this or run tests myself since I won't upgrade [to 10.15] until after the first bunch of bug fixes are released.
If anyone can provide reports of EchoHam working (or not) under Catalina I would appreciate it.

It took me some time to get EchoHam to work on my my MacBook Pro with OSX Mojave, but this was due to port forwarding issues with my Apple Time Capsule and my AT&T router. However, I finally got everything configured per all the guidance videos that I could find and EchoHam became operational. I did have to uncheck the box in the option tab as it kept telling me I was not correctly configured, but everything seemed to work extremely well. However, after I loaded Catalina, EchoHam stopped working. Everything appears normal, but the issue is it won’t transmit. I can locate stations and hear normally and the S-Meter is also indicating. When, I tap TX, I get the red TX display, I then start talking and again the S-Meter tells me I’m modulating. I do have EchoHam microphone check in the Privacy settings and can confirm the microphone is working in sound settings. I then noticed that after I connect to a station/repeater, I get the audible connected sound along with the station/repeater ID, but my Callsign ID is not displayed. In the past week, I have left EchoHam running on my MacBook while I work and listen to people chatting on a local repeater and on two occasions, I have seen my callsign appear. I did a radio check and all normal. However, 99% of the time my callsign does not indicate and I can’t TX. Again connection and RX works perfectly. I have double checked my modem and router settings, deleted and reloaded EchoHam, but issue continues. I hope this helps, but let me know if you have questions or you need my try something. 73s, James-N7JHK

21OCT2019 Update: I am currently listening to a local repeater (K4YTZ-L) in Rock Hill, SC and my name is NOT listed under the Station ID, however, I heard another HAM call out, so I responded. He heard me and reported I was loud and clear. As you can see from attachment, my name is NOT listed below the Station ID info.

Thanks James, that's a very detailed report. I'm still not ready to go to Catalina as I would loose a number of incompatible apps.

EchoHam 2.10 is tested and working under macOS 10.15 Catalina


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