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EchoHam / Firewall or Router Configuration Error
« on: August 26, 2022, 12:18:25 am »
When I open up EchoHam, a window pops up indicating that there is a Firewall or Router Configuration Error, and states the following: 
"Unable to receive data. Outgoing connections are working, you should be able to connect to other stations.
Incoming connections are not working, other stations won't be able connect to you.
Port 5198 failed. Port 5199 failed.
This problem may be due to incorrect firewall or router setting."

The problem I have is that, the software is working perfectly, so I am somewhat confused by the error.  I have used it several times and have reports that my transmissions are being heard clearly, and I in turn can hear others clearly.  Not sure what to do about the message or if there is still some type of an issue I am not aware of. 

I am a new ham and have only used EchoLink on my phone, and since this seems to be working, I am not sure how to proceed.
If there is no problem, the error message is just an annoyance, that I can live with, but I would like to make sure.

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