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Serial Tools / feature suggestion for serial tools
« on: September 21, 2021, 01:15:22 pm »
Hello there, you guys helped me get my partially busted antique 68HC711e9 going again! - serial tools gave me a straightforward interface to the 'Buffalo monitor' program in the chip - it allowed me to inspect EEPROM addresses, modify config registers, dynamically swap baud rates and write individual EEPROM bytes - (for some reason they had changed in a recent blackout).  I had to hand copy byte by byte from the original .s19 and it was like a diagonal had been cut through the EEPROM memory locations in terms of flipped bits.  Anyway stoked it is all right now, appreciate this utility!

So the suggestion would be for a feature to load and transmit a file to the connected device. I realise this would probably be a significant amount of effort to do, but thought i'd chime my thoughts.

PS: shout out if you get a donation channel happening, i owe you a fiver:). D

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