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I am trying to run Echoham on my Macbook Pro,
I can connect to the majority of the repeaters
listed, and most of the links but can not connect to
individual stations.

I have tried several different router configurations
with no success.

EchoHam does not differentiate between repeaters, links and stations.
The communication is established to the partner IP address and at that level EchoHam is not even aware of what type of station it is.

If the other station is a mobile device (e.g. iPhone, Samsung, etc) you can not establish communication due to limitations in mobile phone networks which put these devices on a private IP address. However, that is not a limitation of EchoHam but of the network infrastructure.

If you can establish a connection to the echolink test server and your transmission is echoed back to you then you can be confident that your end is working OK.

Thank you for the reply.

Jason Brambach:
I had trouble on a Mac but found help through a YouTube link.


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