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Please report EchoHam V2 bugs in this forum.
A missing feature is not a bug, please use the feature request topic instead!

I installed V2 on my Mac Mini (OS X 10.11.2) I removed the old version by sending to trash. I can open the app and populate box with the Conference servers, Links, Repeaters, and Users. I can not open the preferences to check on or change any settings. I tried opening Preferences from the pull down menu top left but still can not get a screen. I can not connect to any of the listed contacts but that may be a port issue..Suggestions?

Connect issues resolved partially by mapping required ports to Mac with EchoHam installed.  Once connected, "disconnect" does not work using icon, dropdown, or "command D". The only way to disconnect at the moment is log off server and that may cause issues on Echolink Servers.  Once connected, I also can not clear "connect window" until I connect with another station or device.

Preferences is only available when you are not connected to echo link servers.
You must adjust Echolink servers in preferences to servers which are recommended for your geographical region.

To provide more information open Applications -> Utilities -> Console, select "All Messages" and enter "EchoHam" in the search field on the right hand side.
You will now see all debug messages from EchoHam. Post these messages to document any issues.


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