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Use this topic to submit feature requests for EchoHam V2.
Please do not use it for bug reports (different thread)


Is there any possibility of adding  a search function? It's hard to look thru a large list of call signs.  Not as important but a place to save a favorite would be nice.  Lastly if I am not too needed  a volume control, just for the app, so I don't have to change the system setting.  Thanks either way!

Other than the search that people have been asking for, here are my feature requests.

1) Ability to select audio input/output for communication other than system audio settings.

2) uPnP / NAT-PMP support to auto-configure router passthroughs of echo link ports.

3) Echolink Proxy support.

I saw a "Favorites" come up briefly - that would be a great feature if there are a few you regularly connect to. 

In lieu if a "Favorites" a window where you could enter a node name or number specifically.


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